HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP 4301fdn Printer, Print, scan, copy, fax, Fast speeds, Easy setup, Mobile printing, Advanced security, Best-for-small teams, 16.6 x 17.1 x 15.1 in,white

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EVERYTHING SMALL TEAMS NEED – Print, scan and copy professional-quality color documents and reports plus fax. Auto 2-sided printing and auto document feeder for fast scan/copy. Perfect for up to 10 people.
BLAZING FAST COLOR – Up to 35 color pages per minute, with sharp details and incredible color
PROTECTS YOUR DATA – Includes HP Wolf Pro Security with customizable settings so your printer and information are always secure


Get vibrant laser-quality color and powerful productivity with the Color LaserJet Pro MFP 4301fdn. Super fast and super easy with advanced features for small teams.

EVERYTHING SMALL TEAMS NEED – Print, scan and copy professional-quality color documents and reports plus fax. Auto 2-sided printing and auto document feeder for fast scan/copy. Easiest for As much as 10 other people.
BLAZING FAST COLOR – As much as 35 color pages per minute, with sharp details and implausible color
PROTECTS YOUR DATA – Includes HP Wolf Pro Security with customizable settings so your printer and information are all the time safe
PRINT FROM ANY DEVICE – Print from any mobile device, PC or tablet. Ethernet included. Works with Microsoft, Mac, AirPrint, Android, Chromebook and more.
This printer is intended to work handiest with cartridges with original HP chips or circuitry and will block cartridges the usage of non-HP chips or circuitry. Periodic firmware updates will deal with the effectiveness of those measures.

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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. Avatar of MikeMike

    by MikeMike

    Straight out of the box, before printing a single page, the printer generated a slow fuser error. I contacted HP Support on Wednesday and together went over some basic troubleshooting, determining that a technician visit was in order. Parts were dispatched to the local technician, which took a couple of days to arrive, and on Monday the technician changed the fuser, but the error persisted. The technician believes the problem is ‘deeper’, involving the main board. While HP is willing to continue to repair the printer, we believe it may be in our best interest to return this apparent ‘dud’.

  2. Avatar of R. GrossmanR. Grossman

    by R. GrossmanR. Grossman

    I had previously reviewed the HP LaserJet Pro Multifunction M428fdw Wireless Laser Printer and liked it a lot. I bought the lower paper tray for it, learned how to use it, and put it on my credenza. We are a small security consulting company and use a lot of technology in our office, and I like playing with toys, and in the 3 months or so I have had that printer, I have grown to really like it. My only wish was that it was color.With the HP Color LaserJet Pro Multifunction M479fdn Laser Printer, my prayers were answered!The printers are very similar, so I will use some of what I said about the 428 here. As I now had experience with this type of printer, I was able to set it up without using the manual, but I wouldn’t give it to the technically challenged. You plug it in, follow a few prompts on the front panel LCD screen, go to HP’s site (123.hp.com) as directed, and download the software. It installs everything, with very little prompting, and the attention to detail is exceptional. Keep in mind that this printer wants to walk you through everything so it will try and take you through the fax setup as well, even though I (and most people, I suspect) won’t be using that feature. A skip button would have been handy, and it did let me exit without testing so you don’t actually have to hook it to a phone line. Still, needlessly entering fax information was a waste of time. This is made for an office environment; and most offices are doing just fine with that 10+ year old fax machine; no need to change!There are a lot of nice touches in terms of construction. The 4.3” color touchscreen is great; much better than the 2.5” one on the 428 which itself was surprisingly useful. A pivoting bracket allows you to tilt it to avoid glare, and it is just sensitive enough to be functional; no false triggers, double actions, or frustrations. There’s a front panel power button that is easily accessible (my Dell and Brother printers all have them on the back or side). Trays open easily and intuitively, and the graphical icons are easy to understand. It comes with standard toner cartridges installed, rated at about 2,000 pages for black and about 1,000 pages for the three (3) color cartridges. Removing and replacing the toner is dead simple; there’s a slide-out tray that holds all 4 cartridges, and each cartridge includes both toner and a drum. You can buy standard (2,400 black, 2,100 pages for each color) and high capacity (7,500 pages black, 6,000 color), and there’s no question about it; HP cartridges are pricey. For a round of high capacity color cartridges, you’re looking at about $875 on Amazon, but that’s not out of line with color laser printers. The fact that HP toner cartridges include the drum is nice; many other printers require a separate (usually about 30,000 page) unit.A question came up in my 428 review about whether or not genuine HP toner had to be used. I personally don’t go with off-brand supplies, but I researched this out of curiosity for this printer. Using the web interface, under settings/supplies/supply settings, there’s a setting for “Cartridge Policy” which states “The printer can be configured to use only new, genuine HP supplies. Genuine HP supplies that have been used previously—or non-HP supplies—must be replaced to continue printing.” You can set that to “Off” or “Authorized HP”. Presumably “Off” would allow you to use non-HP supplies. I haven’t tested this with off brand, and it is off by default.In terms of performance, I’m a fan. Printing is a reasonably fast 28 pages per minute for color or black and white, compared to 40 PPM for the 428 in black and white. The quality is great; comparable to much more expensive (but older) printers from HP, Xerox and Dell that we have here in the office. I printed from a PC, USB stick (it printed Word and PDF documents without a hitch) and even wirelessly from my phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. While this model is not wireless, I could print wirelessly through my office Wi-Fi network. The duty cycle is rated at up to 4,000 pages per month which seems low to me; the very similar 428 was rated at 50,000 PPM and that seemed high. Still, this is marketed as a light duty printer, and 4,000 pages per month is likely enough for non-production office environments. The paper tray (manual feed and one 250-page tray) seems a little on the flimsy and I added the optional 550 sheet tray right away and am primarily using that. I did not experience any jams or paper handling issues, and the way the duplexer works is inexplicable to me but fascinating to watch.Scanning was easy as well, once I tinkered with the setup software. It will scan to a network folder or a folder on my PC, and scans to PDF, JPG, and other formats. Scans were sharp and clear, can be implemented from the front panel, and were very fast. There are “Quick Sets” you can set up on the web portal that add one-touch functionality for scanning and copying that are surprisingly handy. I like that you override the preferences you set up from the front panel as needed. Copies were also excellent, lighter than the original at the default setting, but you can tweak that. The ability to copy (or scan) both sides of a 2-sided document in one pass was handy.One thing I was NOT a fan of was the paper trays when it comes to using legal size paper. Rather than sticking out the back to accommodate the longer paper length, with a protective flap to keep dust out (as on the 428), the tray sticks out the front. It looks terrible and can catch dust (see photo. I didn’t notice at first, and I don’t use legal paper enough to matter so I’ll just use the manual feed tray. Still, if you use that size paper a lot, this might be a concern.I like this printer a lot; if you’re looking for one box that does everything reliably and well, this is it. I would forgo the wireless version as you’re better off connecting this to a wired network and using office or home Wi-Fi to print from your phone if needed, but you know what you need. I made a little tabletop in my woodshop and put it on top of my mini fridge and gave this printer a permanent home in my office.

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  3. Avatar of KVKV

    by KVKV

    My first impression of this printer is that it it’s a bit loud and that you can feel the heat coming from it. However, that is something I fully expected since it is a LaserJet printer. After setting it up, I had to turn it on quiet mode. It definitely decreased the noise, but you can still smell the toner warming up when you turn it on. Printing has almost little to no sound. The 4301fdn model doesn’t have a wireless function but connects through ethernet instead. I already had an ethernet cable running to my office, so I opted to use a ethernet splitter and cable to connect the printer instead of routing another cord to the office. After connecting the ethernet cable to the printer, printing “wirelessly” from my phone was pretty easy as long as you’re connected to that same Wi-Fi. The printer does take a while to start up, but my phone could find the printer via AirPrint quickly and easily after starting up. The printer prints documents wirelessly fairly quickly if you’re not using the double-sided printing function but prints fast regardless. Color and black and white prints documents/images beautifully. The touchscreen responds very well to touch and doesn’t lag at all when choosing multiple options. It is also a pretty good size that my older folks could use easily without much of my help.I was hoping that the copying function where you feed the documents through the top would detect front and back sides of a document, but it only scans one side to copy at a time. That might just be a setting issue though but even if it isn’t, you could feed it in again and it would copy it quickly. The only thing that makes this printer complicated is the ethernet cable connection. If you don’t already have an ethernet cable routed to where you want the printer to be, it could take a bit longer to set up. However, there is a USB function rather than your typical USB A to B Cable (printer cable) which could be useful, but I opted for the ethernet cable instead. This is my first laser jet printer for my home office and I’m quite impressed.

  4. Avatar of Philip P. MazzolaPhilip P. Mazzola

    by Philip P. MazzolaPhilip P. Mazzola

    I purchased this Printer in June of 2021 for more then $650. It is now 18 months later and the printer is no longer working. All print-outs both Color and B/W are completely faded. Tried ALL troubleshooting tips found online as well as replacement cartridge’s. For the past 18 months, I have treated this printer with kid gloves and used very expensive HP ONLY OEM Brand Laser cartridge’s as well as standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Lastly, I barely used the printer 4 to 6 times a month. Now that I actually need it to print, it is useless and has become a door stop. HP says it is out of warranty, Amazon will do nothing to assist and repair services, of any kind, want to charge almost $200 just to look at it. I am extremely upset but have no choice but to toss it into the trash. BE VERY AWARE AND DO NOT BUY AN HP PRINTER OR TRUST AMAZON TO MAKE GOOD ON SUCH AN EXPENSIVE ITEM.

  5. Avatar of BirdBird

    by BirdBird

    I have run several businesses throughout the years, and one thing I can say about HP printers is they are absolute workhorses. They are reliable, go the distance, and produce excellent quality prints. I ordered the HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP for my real estate brokerage.These are my favorite features of this printer:• When it comes to toner vs inkjet, toner is the way to go hands down. Is it a little more expensive upfront? Yes, but the toner also lasts a lot longer. I estimate that I’m getting 5x more print capacity with a 75% savings per page when using toner vs. ink. I also think the print quality is way more consistent and of better quality. The color prints are crisp and have vibrant colors, making this printer perfect for photo printing or marketing advertisements.• I love the fact that this printer is versatile for multi-user office environments. Getting the printer set up on my network took a little time, but it wasn’t terribly difficult to configure all the features this printer offers on my own without the need to hire an IT specialist.• This printer works great to scan, print, or fax. I found the scan to email and scan to network folder most useful. You can set up multiple users in the address book that is built into the device, making it easy for anyone on your team to scan multiple pages to an email or network folder in a single pdf format. It works great and is very efficient. The AirPrint feature is also a nice feature. As long as your mobile device is on the same network as the printer, you can print any document from the convenience of your phone, tablet, etc. You can even print from a USB drive directly from the printer. The HP Laserjet Pro 4301fdm is loaded with features.• The printer scans and prints relatively quickly for a color printer. As noted in the item description, it can print up to 35 color pages per minute, double or single sided. This is lightning fast compared to the other color toner based printers I’ve owned in the past.• The color LED menu screen built into the computer is intuitive, and lets you manage nearly all of the administrative functions/settings of the printer. You can also manage the settings from the HP Smart App or by signing into the printer IP address. It is simple to customize the settings for any home or office based business.The one downside for some people with this printer is you’ll need to use authentic HP branded toner cartridges. It is designed to block generic toner cartridges. Personally, I don’t view that as a setback, because I have used generic cartridges in the past that caused issues and expensive printer repair bills. Yes, it is a little more money, but if you’re going to buy a quality printer you might as well use quality toner cartridges. Just like you wouldn’t buy a premium vehicle and put cheap gas inside the tank. Same goes with premium technology. Eventually, it is going to cause issues if you don’t take care of it.Bottom Line: I wouldn’t give it a second thought if you are looking for a good quality laserjet color printer for home office or business use. It offers a lot of time saving features and works exactly as described. Highly recommend.

  6. Avatar of Johnathan WoodJohnathan Wood

    by Johnathan WoodJohnathan Wood

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     When the package arrived at my door, it was MUCH heavier than I expected. This is not your basic printer in this size. This printer feels like quality in comparison to other printers that I have owned that are similar in size. This printer is not a Wi-Fi printer. Although you can get similar capabilities by connecting an Ethernet cable to your router. I can print using only my iPhone as long as it is connected to the same internet (Using WI-FI.). With the HP Smart App I can also scan using the same method (Even while using an android device.). INK for this printer was already included and installed when I set this printer up. This printer prints highly quality & very fast. I can print front and back pages very quickly. For a small business this is an important feature. When you have a customer waiting to sign a page of a contract that need to be completed before they leave, this printer does not fail. I have not experienced any jamming or failures to print. When printing a photo, the quality is good enough to hang up in a frame on your wall. The touch screen is responsive and goes to sleep when not using it for a minute or so. All you have to do is touch the screen to wake the printer. The UI is very similar to how you would navigate an iPhone. In a good way. It is easy and intuitive. Printers are expensive but I think this one is well worth the price.

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